Yoga with Sarah

Mondays 18:00 - 19:00


Starting Monday 7th February

The class is suitable for everyone including complete beginners.

Hatha yoga involves gentle movement and breathing. You will learn about your body and do as much as you feel you can or want to do.

Yoga is good for opening your joints and stretching muscles but also develops strength and balance.

You will become aware of your posture, and how you use your body in everyday life.

You will become aware of how you are breathing, and how you can use your breath to help with stress, anxiety and low energy/mood.

Wear some comfortable clothing. Bring a warm jumper or fleece/ cover and a pillow for relaxation at the end of the class.

Please bring your mat and any blocks etc if you have them but I do have some spare mats if you are new to yoga. I can also provide blocks to use in class.

You pay as you come along. £7.00

The class generally runs throughout the year.

You would be most welcome to come along.

Sarah Stevens

Tel: 07946 777 585