Clubbercise Norwich with Jen

Tuesdays 18:30 - 19:20  Dance and Aerobics Class.

Age 16 - 17 with an Adult, 18 years +


Suitable for all abilities, take the class at your own pace, most importantly enjoy it!

Not suitable for anyone with epilepsy, flashing disco lights are used in this class.

Easy to follow dance / aerobics to 90's to current tunes, in a darkened room with disco lights and glowsticks.  Sounds 'ravey', not at all, it's the music you hear on the radio you want to get up and dance to, the music you sing to and the music which makes you feel good.  Come and join us, it is great fun and a great way to burn 000s of calories, it's exercise in disguise!

Classes continue weekly throughout the year.  Recommence 18th May 2021.

Jenny Allan



Instagram: @jenclubbercise

Jenny Allan